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Securing Your Applications

Improve the security of your applications with a robust approach that addresses the latest threats. ​

Are your systems secure?

Open-source software and cloud services have changed the application security landscape, meaning a multi-layered approach is more critical than ever.

Whether you are looking to improve the protection of existing solutions or want to ensure security from the start in developing new ones, we take a design and engineering-focused approach to security and build solutions that are hardened by design.

Security threats are constantly evolving. Using the latest development tools and practices can better block threats before release while integrating advanced analytics can help detect emerging threats.


See Our Work In Action

AIM Guides Complex Security Project, Helping Large Healthcare Company Increase Efficiency and Avoid Costly Regulatory Fines 

A large healthcare company in the western U.S., with more than 3,000 employees and several million clients from individuals to Fortune 100 companies, experienced a security breach that revealed gaps in its architecture and processes.

Prepare for the threats of today… and tomorrow.

An effective application security strategy keeps your company ahead of the latest threats.

Every company faces risk of breaches that can harm your company’s brand and bottom line. Internal inefficiencies may also arise, causing friction between your development and security teams. Out-of-compliance apps could result in fines or expensive litigation and may also put you out of the running for future work or contracts.




  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Resilience
  • Remediate Issues Quickly
  • Convey Confidence

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Insights from our Application Security experts.

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How we approach Application Security.

  • Advanced Analytics
    Advanced Analytics

    Leveraging artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning to help organizations drive successful predictive and prescriptive analytic solutions.

  • Data Governance

    Establishing and embedding practical policies and procedures as a critical function within organizations that drive increased data quality, transparency, and consistency to deliver the right information, drive efficiency, support innovation, and improve overall enterprise maturity.

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