Cloud-Native Services

Improve Customer Experience and Enable New Services

AIM Consulting has a proven methodology for modernizing applications in the cloud, having implemented hundreds of successful modernization efforts for clients.

  • Leverage new technology
  • Heighten security
  • Navigate bottlenecks
  • Accelerate software development

Trusted Partners

Our application development approach is team-centric and holistic, from architecture and design to modern software development. We have deep expertise in building high-performance web applications and services with enterprise-level capabilities.

Quality Engineering

Custom Solutions That Fit Your Needs

AIM’s application modernization experts are here to ensure your organization is getting the most value from your applications.

We partner with our customers to extend the business value of their systems by modernizing existing legacy systems, improving platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and/or application code – enabling the use of modern technologies to add new capabilities more quickly.

AIM can help you strategize and resolve issues with architecture, security, and buggy performance, clear a stacked backlog, and
ultimately make all of your current and future application development projects completed faster, more efficiently, and at high quality.

  • Assessment of the as-is state of the entire application portfolio which thoroughly evaluates the systems against a variety
    of factors. AIM provides a roadmap and actionable objectives to support the journey.

  • Transformation of legacy systems from low-complexity (refactoring) to high-complexity options (re-architecting for cloud). Can include instrumentation of code , modularization of architecture and the automation of SDLC processes.

  • Fully managed (serverless) and cloud-first (microservice) APIs, designed for efficiency, redundancy, scalability, cost-savings and real-time data propagation.

Why AIM Consulting?

Solutions with Impact

With over 15 years of experience building custom solutions, our engineers bring deep expertise in building high-performance, high-availability web applications with enterprise-level quality, no matter the language you prefer. Whether it’s improving legacy applications or building new enterprise software solutions using the latest technologies, AIM Consulting is the partner you can trust.

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