Enterprise Agility

Measure Business Impact with Enterprise-Wide Agility

We start exactly where you are in the Agile journey to adapt existing methods while introducing best practices for the current state of your organization, the market, and stakeholders.

  • Increase Quality
  • Enhance Operational Effectiveness
  • Produce Lasting Behavioral Change

Technical Delivery Excellence

Delivering Technology Is What We Do

Reimagine your journey to agile with embedded pragmatic experts leading your organization to embrace agile methods and realized benefits. Your business is unique, and so is the journey. Our teams can enter your process at any point, providing immediate support, expertise, and valuable adoption of industry best practices.

We believe in creating a right-fit approach based on the current state of your organization’s needs, not fitting your organization into an out-of-the-box solution. We emphasize partnership and flexibility, asking the hard questions, double down during obstacles, and always understand your end goal to measure success.


  • Accelerate Time-to-Market
  • Boost Customer & Employee Satisfaction
  • Efficiently Manage Changing Priorities
  • Improve Employee Engagement
  • Take Action on Business-Driven Decisions

AIM’s Approach

Step 1


Determine current state of maturity and create custom plan for improvements.

Step 2


Determine current state and create a detailed plan for process improvements, tools, etc. for long-term use. Teach, coach and train across organization (implementing change management principles)

Step 3


Observe changes real-time and shift behavior as changes are implemented. Learn from what is/isn’t working then establish consistent processes once they do work.

Step 4


Preserve and evolve practices as work & teams change meaning focusing on adoption and maintenance. Evolve to meet the needs of new teams through training materials, coaching, and more.

Why AIM Consulting?

Delivering Technology is What We Do

Our extensive industry experience allows us to right-fit Agile methods for each unique business problem. Delivery Excellence is rooted in our consultants, with expertise across all industries, producing a team uniquely qualified to deliver Enterprise Agility. We understand the art and science behind effective change management and developing new behaviors. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team with a deep understanding of successfully transforming Agile journeys long-term.

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