Data Governance

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Drive increased data quality, transparency, and consistency. Deliver the right information, drive efficiency, support innovation, and improve overall enterprise maturity with data governance.

  • Build upon a solid foundation of organizational change management principles that ensure greater adherence
  • Embed and automate processes that work with end-users
  • Implement strategies to operationalize and monitor adherence to global risk, regulatory and compliance measures
  • Align business and IT responsibilities to ensure a greater degree of transparency and quality

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Data Governance

Results-Driven Approach

Our Data Governance capabilities and skillsets are designed to understand an organization at any stage of their data maturity journey, allowing us to quickly assess and establish the proper tools, policies and procedures. Our team of experts will work across all business units and IT, driving collaboration, transparency, and effective communication to enable and empower your organization to adopt and maintain data governance standards. The ability to deliver embedded and automated data governance solutions has helped many organizations reduce risk, improve quality, and maintain compliance and regulatory adherence.

  • AIM Consulting conducts assessments across the data management spectrum. This includes processes, technologies, and roles within an organization. By creating a complete current-state picture, we are able to offer a recommended future state that aligns with best practices unique to each organization.

  • Digging deeper into an assessment, AIM Consulting tackles specific areas within data management to determine an organization’s maturity level and compares to others within a specific industry. The maturity levels focus on people, processes, and technologies.

  • AIM works with organizations and takes a holistic approach to ensuring an organization’s data is accurate, complete, reliable, relevant and timely. We not only help with downstream analytics, but also work upstream at the data sources to ensure the full process is complete.

  • With the ever-growing amount of siloed and disparate data across organizations, AIM works in tandem with both business and IT to collaborate across the data ecosystem to ensure uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability.

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AIM has deep industry experience and knowledge required to assist organizations of any size in the planning and deployment of a comprehensive Data Governance solution at any point in their organizational maturity. Our consultants are skilled across the DMBOK spectrum in developing the processes needed to ensure efficient adherence and monitoring to global governance, risk and compliance regulations.

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