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Modern Architectures with Analytic Engineering

Developing strategies, platforms and tools to help organizations harness and transform their data into powerful analytic insights.

  • Modern, scalable architectures
  • Real-time data for faster insights
  • Cost efficient and flexible storage and transformation of data
  • Data pipelines that support users and how they interact with data

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Data Architecture & Engineering

Results-Driven Approach

Data continues to be created, stored, and consumed at massive scale and the ability to leverage the power of big data solutions is critical to support business insights.

  • Harness the value of your data by viewing data as a shared asset providing the right interfaces for users to consume data securely. A cloud-based approach to data architecture can democratize your data, improving speed to insight.

  • Consume and transform Big Data with an efficient, cost-effective solution that greatly reduces manual and singular data-processing time and automatically converts multiple file types into an easily read columnar file format at once.

  • AIM designs and implements solutions for the continuous flow of information from disparate sources to a destination for real-time processing and analytics.

  • Develop and implement ETL/ELT processes for changing the format, structure, or values of data to support analytics initiatives across the organization that are unified, consistent and high-quality.

  • Develop and implement technical practices, workflows, and architectural patterns that enable rapid innovation, experimentation, new insights and high data quality with clear measurement, monitoring, and transparency of results.

  • Development and deployment of analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation for production-grade data pipelines.

Why AIM Consulting?

Supporting Analytic Insights With Powerful Platforms, Tools, And Solutions

With a depth and breadth of experience, our team can help your organization architect modern, scalable data platforms where data can be ingested, transformed and consumed in both batch and real-time streaming for faster speed to insights.

It’s great to work at an organization that not only values your skills but also supports our clients with successful solutions.

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