Technical Delivery Excellence

Ensuring Excellence for Every Project

Prevent project failures, resolve technical delivery issues, improve complex delivery methods long-term, and stop future implementation oversights to ensure your objectives drive value toward organizational goals.

  • Resolve prevalent delivery issues
  • Prevent future failures in technical implementations
  • Simplify complex delivery methods
  • Ensure IT drives value toward the organization’s vision

Technical Delivery Excellence

Delivering Technology Is What We Do

Our goal is to drive improvement, quality, and predictability within your teams. Doing this successfully requires wearing many hats, technically and personally, as your team’s strategist, technologist, project manager, mentor, advisor, confidant, and more. We dig deep and build strong relationships to understand where your organization has been, where it needs to go, and how to get your team there effectively.

  • Ensure product delivery is aligned to product vision
  • Provide visibility into outcomes and value being delivered
  • Increase alignment, ownership, and accountability
  • Improve cross-department collaboration
  • Ensure speed, cost, and quality metrics are met
  • Reduce risk and friction within the delivery process
  • Train and support team members through doing
  • Tactical Approach
    Tactical Approach

    We recognize that clients face situations where they need a seasoned veteran to take the reins of a project and drive it to delivery. Our team has experts at saving struggling projects in need of recovery. Or you may need leadership with the experience in taking an idea off a whiteboard and delivering to implementation for your next strategic product launch.

  • Strategic Approach

    Clients may be faced with a product or program that isn’t meeting expectations but they aren’t sure why. Our team of experts have the experience to do a full 360 degree assessment to identify the underlying issues and come up with a plan and roadmap to address. Or you may be looking at changing your technology stack but are unsure how to take the first step. Our experts will work with your team to develop a create a step-by-step roadmap to help you transition without breaking your business.

Why AIM Consulting?

Turning Strategy into Action

As a technology consultancy with deep experience delivering technical solutions, AIM is rooted in technology. Core to our success are established methods of managing complex engagements and our team of seasoned Technical Delivery Experts, many of whom were developers previously.

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