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Application Refactoring and Modernization

Enable new capabilities and achieve greater value through modernization.

Modernize and simplify your applications and platforms.

If you’re like most organizations, your applications have grown and evolved over the years, oftentimes acquiring bloat or ‘less-than-optimal’ code. This can make ongoing maintenance difficult, slow down operations, and cause problems when making updates.

By modernizing and refactoring your platforms and applications, you can get more value out of your software, making it easier to maintain with improved security and reduced cost to operate.


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Global Retail Chain Transitions to Modern Java-Based Microservices Architecture in Less Than Six Months

Modern microservices architecture and DevOps solution increases stability and efficiency of systems.

Make your applications easier to read, write, and maintain.

Over time, software and applications grow, while platforms can become obsolete.

A strategic approach to refactoring and modernizing applications, platforms, and value streams can deliver numerous opportunities to up-level your technology environment.

Refactoring is a means of breaking down monolithic applications, making software easier to maintain and reducing the technical debt so that future changes are easier to implement for IT and development teams.




  • Tighten Security
  • Prolong Lifespan
  • Enable New Features
  • Improve Scalability
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership
  • Enhance Speed & Efficiency

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Insights from our Application & Platform Modernization and Refactoring experts.

Our Capabilities

How we approach Application and Platform Modernization and Refactoring.

  • Application Modernization
    Application Modernization

    AIM Consulting has a proven methodology for modernizing applications in the cloud, having implemented hundreds of successful modernization efforts for clients.

  • Cloud Architecture & Strategy

    Innovative strategies and architectures to help you become more agile while transitioning large capital to consistent operational expenditures.

  • Data Architecture & Engineering

    Developing strategies, platforms, and tools to help organizations harness and transform their data into powerful analytic insights.

  • Data & Analytics Strategy

    Data isn’t just a platform and reports. It’s delivering the right insights to the business to make informed decisions. It’s building a culture that wants to learn and grow from the organization’s data.

  • Data Governance

    Establishing and embedding practical policies and procedures as a critical function within organizations that drive increased data quality, transparency, and consistency to deliver the right information, drive efficiency, support innovation, and improve overall enterprise maturity.

  • Quality Engineering

    AIM Consulting’s deep industry experience and next-generation technologies provide your team the ability to increase software release speed, compliance, security, and quality.

  • Technical Delivery Excellence

    Prevent project failures, resolve technical delivery issues, improve complex delivery methods long-term, and stop future implementation oversights to ensure your objectives drive value towards organizational goals.

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