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Lou Groshek

Sr. Consultant, Application Development


Lou is a front-end aficionado who thinks holistically about an interface’s relationship to business rules and goals. She brings 15+ years’ experience to building applications that strike an elegant balance between clarity, efficiency, and complex tooling. From her beginnings in the open-source online learning industry, Lou brings a dedication to best practices like documentation and automated testing, which reduce technical debt and increase the longevity of an application long after handoff. Starting with her early days working with adult learners in remote Alaska, she brings a drive to do right by the end-user—by attending to diverse abilities, devices, and Internet connections. Lou delights in garnering information from and sharing information with stakeholders.

A lifelong learner, Lou holds a BS in Botany from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, an MFA from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and an MA and Ph.D. ABD in Literature from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (defending Spring 2022). As a thought leader, Lou strives to integrate larger cultural and philosophical trends with on-the-ground work in user experience and application design. In leadership roles, she strives to provide clear goals and guidelines and to foster close-knit teams that can produce high-quality work under tight deadlines.


Lou’s approach to web development is deeply informed by her ethical impetus to do right by others. In a business environment, this can happen in many ways: for example, by providing the end-user with the best experience possible and by engaging co-workers with consistency and respect. It also means keeping in mind the developers who will inherit your work in the future by designing for flexibility, longevity, and minimal technical debt.

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