Peter Brosseau headshot

Peter Brosseau

Vice President of Sales, West

Peter Brosseau, the Vice President of Sales, West, at AIM Consulting, is a seasoned professional with an impressive two-decade track record in delivering customer-focused solutions. With nearly 15 years dedicated to AIM Consulting, Peter has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success and culture.

As a true mentor within the sales organization, Peter is committed to fostering positive teams through engaging team building and leadership development initiatives. He has been instrumental in shaping AIM’s unique culture, emphasizing a customer-centric, servant-type approach that prioritizes excellent service, team collaboration, and achieving success collectively rather than individually.

Peter’s commitment to education as a means of resolution, relationship building, and advisory roles has not only strengthened client relationships but has also contributed to the loyalty and expansion of the AIM team. His philosophy resonates with clients and partners, creating lasting brand loyalty and ensuring repeat collaborations.

Peter’s journey in sales began at the Seattle branch of Caterpillar/NC Machinery, where his talent and dedication caught the attention of AIM’s original owners, Kyle Guilford and Bill VanSickle. Recruited to uplift the sales team and nurture the AIM culture, Peter has been an integral part of the company’s growth and success.

Outside of the office, Peter finds solace and joy in mountain biking, skiing, fly fishing, and various mountain activities. Peter’s passion for the outdoors and commitment to excellence extends seamlessly from his professional life into his personal pursuits, creating a well-rounded individual dedicated to both his family and the success of AIM Consulting.