AIM Announces Peter Brosseau as Vice President of Sales, West

Promotion Announcement: Peter Brosseau, VP of Sales, West

We are excited to announce the promotion of Peter Brosseau to Vice President of Sales, West, effective Monday, January 1, 2023. As the Vice President of Sales, Brosseau will oversee the firm’s sales force in the western region, servicing major accounts, driving customer acquisition and retention, and developing AIM’s strategic growth and sales strategies.

AIM Consulting is a rapidly growing leader in technology consulting services and solutions delivery that helps companies gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Brosseau’s expertise in customer-focused solutions, in addition to his nearly 15-year tenure at AIM Consulting, positions him to play a pivotal role in continuing to shape AIM’s success and culture, both in the West and nationally.

Quote from Michael Mallahan, President of AIM Consulting:

“For almost 15 years, Peter has demonstrated unwavering dedication, an innate talent for building relationships, and a relentless commitment to doing right by both the customers he serves and the team members he leads. This milestone not only reflects his profound impact on AIM Consulting but also underscores our commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent from within.

I look forward to the continued growth and success that Peter’s leadership will undoubtedly bring to AIM’s clients and our entire West region team.”

Brosseau started at AIM Consulting in 2010 as an Account Executive. After gaining deep familiarity with the business and exhibiting his unique ability to uplift the sales team and nurture the organization’s culture, he was promoted to Account Director in 2013.

Brosseau continued to shape AIM’s culture as Account Director with an approach that prioritizes excellent service, team collaboration, and achieving success collectively rather than individually. His success in the role and his exceptional leadership earned him the promotion to Director of Sales in 2020, and again to Senior Director of Sales in 2023.

As a true mentor within the sales organization, Peter is committed to fostering positive teams through engaging team building and leadership development initiatives. He brings a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and proven track record of success to his new role as Vice President of Sales, West.

Quote from Peter Brosseau, Vice President of Sales, West:

“In my nearly 15 years with AIM, I’ve not only gained a deep understanding of our business and customers but also witnessed our evolution from a small regional technology firm to a strong nationwide consultancy.

Taking AIM to where we are today has been an incredible journey. I’m excited to keep driving our growth, maintaining our customer-focused approach, and nurturing the unique team spirit that sets AIM apart. The future looks bright, and I’m ready to lead AIM to new heights.”

AIM’s differentiation is its collaborative engagement model that delivers cross-functional results. AIM works with clients, shoulder to shoulder, for one goal – their success.

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