AIM Named 2022 Fastest Growing Firms by Consulting Magazine’s

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AIM Consulting has been recognized by Consulting Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Firms for 2022.

Consulting magazine announced 26 firms qualifying in this year’s Fastest Growing Firms list.

Established in 2006, AIM quietly yet steadily became known for supporting a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in launching their most ambitious initiatives and for developing expertise with their strategic partnerships to resolve the most challenging projects.

Consulting Magazine Ranks Fastest Growing Firms for 2022

Consulting Magazine, a popular and trusted source for the industry, composes its annual “Fastest Growing Firms” listing of fastest-growing consulting firms of all sizes in sectors worldwide, with revenues exclusively related to management consulting and IT consulting services.

The firms are then ranked according to the percentage growth of their annual revenue over 36 months (from December 31, 2019, to December 31, 2021).

Quote from Mike Rowse, Vice President of National Consulting Sales for AIM Consulting

“Our consultants are truly intelligent, caring, and thorough. Before we even begin a project, we take our consultation seriously; we dive deep into discovery to be sure that our projects and our partnerships are the right fit for the client and our consultants. It feels great to be recognized for our rapid growth; after all, AIM’s growth is due to our team’s determination to discover and deliver the right solutions. Listening and getting to know our client’s pain points and then relieving them is rewarding enough, so industry acknowledgment just proves our methodology.”

AIM is a standout on this year’s “Fastest Growing Firms” listing, as it delivers technology-agnostic solutions, unlike more typical legacy firms that tend to be tied to providing exclusive specialty in one of the more mainstream market solutions.

AIM, remaining technology agnostic, provides a business model designed around the outcome rather than being designed for a single system.

We specialize in providing enterprise capabilities;

About AIM Consulting

AIM Consulting (AIM), founded in 2006, became an Addison Group company in 2017 and is an award-winning industry leader in technology consulting and solutions delivery. AIM’s differentiation is our collaborative engagement model that provides cross-functional results. We work with clients, shoulder to shoulder, for one goal – their success. AIM has offices in Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, and Chicago; AIM ranked among the “fastest-growing private companies” and “best companies to work,” citing its long track record of success with partners and consultants. Our long-term relationships with the best technology consulting talent allow us to deliver on expectations, execute roadmaps and drive modern technology initiatives.

Addison Group Companies include Addison GroupAIM ConsultingArcLight ConsultingBridgepoint ConsultingDLCKranz ConsultingMondo, and Harmony Healthcare.

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