AIM Consulting & Black Girl Hockey Club: Promoting Diversity in Hockey Through a Powerful Website Relaunch

Black Girl Hockey Club & AIM Consulting logos on ice rink backdrop

In the world of sports, change often begins with a shared passion and a commitment to inclusion. In an inspiring example of such dedication, AIM Consulting, a leading technology consulting firm based in Seattle, and the Black Girl Hockey Club joined forces in an exciting partnership.

This alliance, born out of a shared love for hockey and a commitment to fostering diversity in the sport, has led to the eagerly anticipated relaunch of the Black Girl Hockey Club’s website.

The Black Girl Hockey Club, a rapidly growing non-profit organization, has garnered a devoted following across the United States and Canada. Their mission is clear: to foster inclusivity in hockey for Black women, their families, friends, and allies. This mission is achieved through mentorship, leadership development opportunities, and scholarships, creating safe spaces for Black women and their supporters, both on and off the ice.

As the Black Girl Hockey Club program continued to grow in popularity, the need for significant enhancements to its existing website became evident. These improvements were crucial to ensure that patrons could seamlessly engage with Club events, make donations, and actively participate in The Get Uncomfortable Campaign, a project designed to educate against systemic racism.

Partnering to Transform the BGHC Website

AIM Consulting stepped in to initiate a pro-bono partnership with the Black Girl Hockey Club in April 2022. True to AIM’s reputation, the collaboration commenced with an extensive discovery stage, aimed at aligning design suggestions with the Club’s specific needs and compliance standards.

Transitioning to the design phase, AIM’s Associate Creative Director, Tana Green, and AIM Digital Experience Consultant, Maddie Houvener, worked alongside B’Asia Settles (Free Press) to bring the Club’s vision to life. Their primary objective was to create an ADA-accessible website that would not only meet compliance standards but also be engaging and user-friendly.

The technical aspect of the project fell under the capable hands of AIM Consulting’s Technology Evangelist, Patrick Taylor. He delved into the back-end features of the website, ensuring that it would remain functional and user-friendly for low- and high-traffic scenarios. Additionally, ease of editing for future Black Girl Hockey Club employees was a top priority, allowing them to maintain the fresh look and feel of the new site while ensuring seamless updates.

Throughout the project’s journey, AIM’s Project Managers, Kadrin Mullin and Rebecca Norris, worked closely with the Black Girl Hockey Club’s leaders to ensure that the new site would meet the defined scope, timeline, and cultural alignment expectations.

Mike Mallahan, President of AIM Consulting, shared:

“We have many hockey lovers here at AIM, so the idea of helping the sport reach more people is very exciting! It has been such a rewarding experience for AIM to support the BGHC with their digital transformation, and this project is a perfect example of how we can all recognize opportunities for AIM to better the businesses around us in our everyday lives.”

Renee Hess, Founder and Executive Director of the Black Girl Hockey Club, expressed her appreciation for the AIM team’s dedication:

“The AIM team went above and beyond with the BGHC website redesign. Each team member participated fully, remaining engaged and excited about our work together as we moved through the logistics of the task.”

The much-anticipated relaunch of the Black Girl Hockey Club website went live on October 16th, 2023. AIM Consulting and the Black Girl Hockey Club invite hockey enthusiasts and champions of inclusivity to explore the new website. Join us in making the ice rinks more welcoming and the sport of hockey truly inclusive.

Visit the new Black Girl Hockey Club website and be part of this journey toward a more diverse and equitable world of hockey.