The #1 Mistake Customers Make with Tableau

Tableau is very clear and passionate about the company’s mission — to help people see and understand data. Their data visualization technology is second to none, a wonderful front-end tool that makes data come alive.

But when it comes to implementing Tableau, customers often make the mistake of relying on Tableau as a full data manipulation tool without an upstream data management platform or a plan to build one. Tableau has some very handy data manipulation features, but its focus is on front-end visualization, not data management, so these features have a few major constraints.

Creating In-Store Contextual Experiences with Mobile

Because walls no longer define the retail environment, there is a lot of interest in tracking customer journeys and optimizing for the omni-channel… Retailers want to go beyond developing a mobile app that functions as a replacement for the desktop website; they want to engage customers contextually to help them make purchasing decisions.

Site-Side Heatmap Analytics Tool for Retailer’s e-Commerce Site

Case Study: Business Intelligence – Data & Analytics SITUATION In an effort to generate more revenue from its e-commerce site and better understand customer behavior, a large U.S. retailer with 2013 revenues of $25 billion looked for more robust ways

Top Takeaways from Mobile Shopping Summit 2014

At Mobile Shopping 2014, we heard some fascinating discussions, particularly around mobile data and methods to track the customer journey. Below comprises a summary of what we thought were the top takeaways from the event, as well as what we wished we had heard a little more about

Delivering Great Digital Experiences in Today’s E-commerce Landscape

The shopping experience is changing fast. Not long ago, making a purchase required either a visit to a brick-and-mortar store or placing a toll-free phone call during regular business hours to order an item from a catalog. In 1995, started

How to use Mobile Technologies to Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is almost entirely based on emotion, not intellectual assessment of features and benefits. This is especially true in marketing, where brands have – for decades — chosen emotional appeals to consumers over working to establish competitive differentiation in the

To App or Not to App? Four Questions to Help Plan Your Mobile Strategy on

[EXCERPT] Companies who want to drive customer engagement or increase operational efficiency for field employees may think launching a mobile app is a foregone conclusion. After all, everyone seems to have an app these days…

New Datacenter and Cloud-Hosting Strategy for an eCommerce Business

Case Study: Strategic IT Consulting Situation A major eCommerce business had followed a technology growth pattern common for most large corporations, building and growing its own data center to accommodate its changing needs. But the infrastructure has aged, and with the

IT Service Management Quality Program & Scorecard for Major eCommerce Business

Case Study: IT Consulting Services Situation A major eCommerce company experienced a series of system outages due to high traffic overwhelming servers that caused its website to go down. Customers were not able to complete transactions, which affected brand trust

IT Stability and Scalability Strategy to Support High Traffic eCommerce Site

Case Study: Strategic Consulting Situation A major Fortune 1000 company in the transportation industry suffered a disruption of its eCommerce website on Cyber Monday in 2011, arguably its busiest shopping day of the year. The website became unstable for a

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