AIM Consulting’s Partnership with SRS Acquiom on Document Management API Evaluation

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In collaboration with SRS Acquiom, AIM Consulting undertook a pivotal project to establish a secure central document repository using a leading document management solution provider. The goal was to enable seamless posting and retrieval of documents via API within SRSA applications.

Facing time constraints, SRS Acquiom engaged AIM Consulting for their proven track record in navigating complex projects.

What AIM Consulting did:

  • Evaluated relevant API capabilities
  • Assessed API performance
  • Built proof-of-concept API and web client
  • Completed project within a 6-week evaluation period

Technologies and Platforms Used:

  • Postman: Leveraged for efficient API testing and collection.
  • Newman: Used for automated execution of Postman collections.
  • Visual Studio Code: Integrated development environment for coding and collaboration.
  • Docker Desktop: Employed for containerization and application deployment.
  • Git: Version control system for collaborative development.
  • Node.js and Express: Applied for server-side development and handling API requests.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop: Utilized virtual desktops for testing.

Case Study Contents:

  1. Challenge: Need for Comprehensive API Evaluation on Narrow Timeline
  2. Approach: Evaluate, Test API Capabilities and Performance
  3. Results: Validate Utility, Performance of Product API

Challenge: Need for Comprehensive API Evaluation on Narrow Timeline

SRS Acquiom faced a critical initiative to establish a secure central document repository using a leading document management solution provider. The primary objective was to enable efficient posting and retrieval of documents via API within SRS Acquiom applications.

With time constraints and a narrow 4-6 week window of availability for the sandbox environment, SRS Acquiom recognized the need for external assistance.

AIM Consulting entered the picture based on its reputation for tackling complex projects and its previous successful collaborations with SRS Acquiom. The decision was driven by the project’s complexity, the requirement for a comprehensive API evaluation, and AIM’s proven track record.

The initiation of AIM’s efforts involved a meticulous scoping phase, wherein the team analyzed functional and non-functional requirements, investigated Product API documentation, and established the groundwork for a successful collaboration. Throughout the project execution, both SRS Acquiom and AIM encountered challenges stemming from unexpected behavior and some ambiguous documentation.

Approach: Evaluate, Test API Capabilities and Performance

AIM Consulting committed to evaluating relevant API capabilities, assessing API performance, and completing the necessary tests within the 6-week evaluation period.

The proposed solution comprised delivering a Postman Collection containing tests for agreed-upon API capabilities and a detailed summary report presenting both qualitative and quantitative feedback on API capabilities and performance.

The scope of the project included key deliverables such as a Postman Collection for API tests and a comprehensive summary report with qualitative and quantitative insights. The project also required AIM to build a small custom app to evaluate the usage of the product UI components.

AIM’s team, led by a Principal in Application Development, managed the relationship, constructed the solution, and oversaw project completion. On the client side, SRS Acquiom had a team concurrently engaged in functional testing using the Product user interface.

The technical implementation leveraged a suite of tools including Postman, Newman, Visual Studio Code, Docker Desktop, Git, Node.js, Express, and Azure Virtual Desktop. The project unfolded over a 6-week timeline, from initiation to completion.

Results: Validate Utility, Performance of Product API

AIM Consulting brought strategic and technical value to the collaboration. Strategically, AIM contributed key recommendations on SDK usage, authentication mechanisms, and shared useful reference information. From a technical perspective, in addition to the outlined deliverables, AIM provided artifacts such as working code for JWT authentication and scripts for simulating concurrent user access.

AIM also played a coaching role, supporting SRS Acquiom in vendor conversations, contributing performance statistics, and addressing issues directly with the vendor.

The project was successfully completed within the defined timeframe and on budget. The impact on SRS Acquiom was profound, as they could validate the utility and performance of the Product API before making a more significant commitment to the vendor.

This strategic collaboration not only provided comprehensive insights into API capabilities and performance but also delivered tangible solutions, including a Postman Collection (with tests), detailed reports and a small custom app, contributing to the success of the project on-time and on-budget.

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