Automated Inventory Process Drives Efficiency for Natural Gas Company

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This case study highlights AIM Consulting’s recent work with one of North America’s largest natural gas and energy corporations. The client faced operational challenges due to a tedious, labor-intensive inventory process in which accountants were burdened with daily updates to numerous spreadsheets.

AIM successfully delivered a UiPath RPA solution to automate this inventory process, optimizing organizational efficiency and freeing up valuable time for higher-value, strategic initiatives.

Case Study Contents:

  1. Business Challenge: Manual Inventory Process Impeding Efficiency
  2. Approach: Strategic Assessment & Development of UiPath Automation Solution
  3. Results: Automation Solution Streamlines Process and Enhances Efficiency

What AIM Consulting did:

  • Defined current state process and worked with Accounting and IT teams to identify future state process
  • Developed and deployed a scalable and configurable automation solution in UiPath
  • Successfully fulfilled the client’s initiative to automate manual inventory processes
  • Seamlessly transitioned the solution to the client’s IT team for sustained support and optimization

Technologies used:

Business Challenge: Manual Inventory Process Impeding Efficiency

The client struggled with an extremely manual and tedious inventory process involving daily updates to eight distinct spreadsheets. This inefficiency forced their accountants to spend valuable time consolidating data across spreadsheets, hindering them from performing essential analyses and timely updates to Toptech Systems.

Additionally, the organization aimed to fulfill a company-wide initiative to automate manual processes by the year’s end.

Dissatisfied with their current UiPath support vendor, the client turned to AIM Consulting due to our robust knowledge of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and strategic approach demonstrated during the discovery and proposal phases.

Approach: Strategic Assessment & Development of UiPath Automation Solution

AIM’s project deliverables included weekly status reports, process analysis through future state process mapping, and the delivery of the inventory bot automation as well as technical documentation.

Our engagement commenced with an initial kickoff meeting with project stakeholders, IT leaders, and the business process team. Subsequent sessions were conducted to define the current state process, document necessary updates across all eight spreadsheets, and develop a future state process as the automation blueprint.

Our experts collaborated seamlessly with the client’s accounting team to define the future state, documenting all decisions made. We also coached the IT Apps support team on the business process to develop a comprehensive understanding of the automation objective.

The client encountered a challenge with their UiPath environments which made development difficult. However, their IT Apps team supplied our experts with a strategic workaround, ensuring the continuous progression of development activities.

AIM’s experts ultimately delivered a scalable and configurable solution developed in UiPath, deployed across three environments, and integrated with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and DataPARC.

Results: Automation Solution Streamlines Process and Enhances Efficiency

The project achieved success during the User Acceptance Testing phase, encountering only one issue, a testament to the high-quality development facilitated by AIM’s experienced project team. Success stemmed from our technical professionals collaborating closely with the client’s IT and Accounting teams, fostering dynamic knowledge sharing.

As a result of our work on this project, a significant portion of the client’s inventory process is now automated. This transformative shift not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers the client’s accountants to redirect their efforts towards more strategic and value-driven initiatives, such as analysis and source system updates.

To further fortify the automated process, AIM’s experts implemented a comprehensive reporting mechanism. This includes an email summary detailing any encountered issues, exceptions, and business validations during each operational run. This proactive approach ensures that potential challenges are promptly addressed, contributing to the overall reliability of the automated system.

Our team fulfilled the company’s initiative to automate and streamline inventory processes, positioning them for future success. We successfully transitioned the solution to the client’s IT Apps team, ensuring sustained support and ongoing optimization.

The project serves as a testament to AIM Consulting’s dedication to excellence in RPA and our ability to drive impactful digital transformations.

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