Separating the wheat from the chaff: How to conduct an MDM product selection process

Much like separating the wheat from the chaff during the harvest, selecting the right Master Data Management (MDM) product for your organization can be a long and rigorous process. However, it should also be a celebrated event.

Having the appropriate MDM tool is paramount to proper technical execution of Data Governance and critical to an organization’s data strategy and will bring tremendous value to your organization. Data Governance and MDM function best as a pair, so they need to be snuggly aligned. If you’re looking to avoid ending up with a product that won’t work for your organization, and assuming you already know what you’re looking for in a product, keep these steps in mind so that you can separate the right products from the wrong ones.

Agile development: Adopt gradually or dive in?

[EXCERPT] With agile there are tremendous benefits from the business and the development perspectives: you can generate positive results for IT, and at the same time, get to market faster and increase your competitive differentiation. But how do you decide if introducing agile gradually–known as an agile adoption–or implementing agile across your organization –known as an agile transformation–is right for you?

QA Analyst Testimonial

My area of expertise is Quality Assurance in the realm of IT…I have a high level of satisfaction from my experience with AIM because the recruiter that I dealt with (Steven K.) was a great adviser. He was able to understand the type of position I wanted and the type of environment I wanted to work in and find me a perfect match….If I’m ever back in the job market again and need the help of a consulting firm, I’ll definitely make AIM Consulting my first choice…

AIM Consulting Celebrates the Holidays with the Susan G. Komen

This week, in Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle, AIM Consulting made corporate contributions to the local offices of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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