Vinesh Kapadia headshot

Philosophy "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler" – Albert Einstein

Vinesh Kapadia

Managing Director, Southwest Region

Vinesh Kapadia is the Managing Director of the Houston Office of AIM Consulting. He pairs technical expertise with strong communication skills and business acumen to drive sensible solutions and lead successful projects. With a dual focus on project management and system architecture, Vinesh leads teams in efficiently and accurately delivering scalable, maintainable solutions catered to clients’ specific needs. His devotion to providing unmatched quality and service has allowed him to secure lasting relationships and become a trusted advisor.

Prior to joining AIM Consulting, Vinesh was an Associate Partner with Capitalize Consulting. He was also a Senior Manager at EAG Services where he managed and coordinated the data transition of a $400M+ acquisition. Vinesh has experience building and managing high-profile client relationships across the continental US, and designing holistic, integrated custom software solutions. Vinesh is an avid basketball fan and foodie. He loves to experiment with various culinary styles and techniques and has dabbled in brewing his own beer.