Voice is an emerging technology showing meteoric growth. At the forefront of IoT, Alexa invokes machine learning to deliver “smart” experiences integrated with the home and activated by voice. Ten of millions of devices currently use Alexa Voice Services and there are currently over 20,000 Skills in the store. AI-powered market intelligence firm Tractica forecasts that total Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) revenue will grow to be a $15.8 billion business, with over 1.8 billion unique active users among consumers and 843 million enterprise users by 2021.

That’s exciting.

AIM provides Alexa Skills Consulting on behalf of businesses and other organizations that want to create voice-activated experiences that customers and employees can add to their Alexa-enabled devices (Amazon Echo, Dot, etc) for:

  • Getting Information – Use Alexa to perform searches, ping databases, and answer questions.
  • Making Transactions – Use Alexa for online shopping, order and delivery.
  • Digital Services – Use Alexa to pay bills, request services, update account information, etc.
  • Work Productivity – Use Alexa to schedule appointments and for dictation, communications, etc.
  • Gamification – Use Alexa to inspire action and loyalty through awards-based programs.
  • And More – Any internet-connected activity that can be activated by voice!

AIM Consulting is also a Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).