Process Analysis & Technical Strategy Enables 30% Increase in Ramp-Up Times

Civil engineers are checking the construction of the expressway.

This case study details a major engineering, procurement, and construction company’s need for a full IT roadmap to navigate its creation of a joint venture.

AIM Consulting‘s solution supported the client in executing the vision, minimizing start-up costs, and increasing ramp-up times by 30%. We also provided a deep understanding of Costpoint, ServiceNow, and the client’s homegrown system.


Challenge: New Joint Venture Requires Technical Strategy

A major engineering, procurement, and construction company (Client) specializing in government engagements had responded to a multi-billion-dollar RFP from the United States Transportation Command.

A governmental RFP is far from simple. In order to successfully win the project, the client created a new joint venture with a military movement company that would allow them to showcase the necessary expertise.

However, the client was unsure how all the respective technologies and processes would fit together and needed to bring in a strategic partner to make sense of the two organizations.

With a history of delivering quality results on complex projects and a well-established relationship, the client brought in AIM Consulting to provide a full IT roadmap of how all the respective technologies and processes would work in unison.

Obstacles: Difficult-to-Reach Team, Indecisive Stakeholder

Creating a joint venture is a complex process as is but can be successfully navigated with an extensive understanding of the business.

When our AIM experts began leading the charge, we quickly recognized the need to interview essential department leads within the new organization.

This proved difficult, as the new partner company was an incredibly large organization with teams scattered all over the nation operating in separate time zones, each with its own set of priorities.

To add to a scattered and difficult-to-reach team, we needed to go the extra mile to align expectations with an indecisive project stakeholder. This indecisiveness proved that moving from as-is business processes to a future state was inevitable.

Solution: Define Business Process, Map Future Processes

Anytime a company joins with another company, it’s important to begin with a discovery phase that encourages an exchange of knowledge between partners.

Our experienced team navigated the scheduling constraints before conducting in-person interviews with key department leads of the new organization.

These interviews were crucial to defining as-is business processes, as they set the foundation for mapping out future business processes between the two organizations.

Once we defined the as-is business processes, the team rolled up its sleeves to dig deeper into understanding the new business and various IT teams.

This proved valuable, not only in delivering data map flows that would help architect an IT solution, but also in allowing the client to better understand a future solution for the joint venture.

Once our experts defined the business processes, the team worked with the chosen IT partner to better understand the future solution and identify any functionality gaps that could be better communicated between the two organizations.

Project Timeline

Step 1

Analysis & Discovery

Step 2

Defining Strategy

Step 3

Develop & Expand on As-Is Processes

Step 4

Develop To-Be Processes

Step 5

Develop To-Be Data Processes

Step 6

Develop Requirements Matrix, Develop Gap Analysis


Step 7

Develop Gap Analysis, Wrap up Meeting

Results: Understanding of Joint Venture Partner, Reduced Ramp-Up Times

Over the course of 14 weeks, the client gained a detailed level of understanding of its new joint venture partner.

They gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the movement company operations as well as the technology behind it.

With these new learnings, the client’s technical teams are now able to effectively execute a vision, efficiently stand up systems infrastructure for the joint venture and minimize start-up costs.

The client now has the data and process mapping that allow for an accelerated planning phase of the actual IT rollout, reducing ramp-up times by upwards of 30%.

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