Enterprise Application Development as a Managed Service



A global wireless telecommunications company specializing in monitoring and tracking technologies in the transportation logistics industry was faced with the dilemma of expanding its 2013 product offerings while lessening its dependence on third-party support. The bulk of its software development team consisted of staff from an out-of-state agency; employee and travel expenses were substantial. The company wanted to regain operational control and shift more of its knowledge and expertise in-house.


The company’s products were cemented heavily in the Linux Platform and the C++ Programming Language. Based in the Greater Seattle area, where Microsoft’s .NET technology is influential and Linux expertise is rare, this situation only served to introduce additional supply-side challenges, markedly increasing the difficulty presented by this unique opportunity.

Adding to the complexity was the transition of the company’s development staff from one agency to another, a process requiring careful oversight. The company also wanted the option to retain highly qualified C++/Linux consultants and developers from the new agency for its own full-time staff if both parties were agreeable.

After the evaluation of numerous agencies to fulfill this set of unique challenges, the company found the perfect fit in AIM Consulting.


Due to its broad base of qualified developers in the Seattle area, AIM Consulting deployed a team of developers and testers highly capable in both Linux and C++. The project, efficiently co-managed between AIM and the client company, enabled AIM consultants to merge quickly into the complex project alongside the existing third-party staff.


The former third party, the consulting arm of an expensive software company, was scheduled to transition out of the project within six months, leading to substantial cost savings for the company of 25–35% and a solid technology base for future product offerings.

The company has seen tremendous value in the managed services approach by AIM Consulting. As the company builds its full-time development and testing team, it lessens its dependency on third-party support. Due to the partnership with AIM and the ongoing support of AIM experts, the client managers have more time to manage.