AIM Sponsored Seattle Swift Wins 2nd Place at 2018 National Skydiving Championships

AIM Principal Consultant Djordje Mandaric helped lead AIM-sponsored skydiving team Seattle Swift to fend off the 3rd place team and take 2nd place in the 2018 USPA National Skydiving Championships in a 4-way Advanced Formation Skydiving event.

The tournament was held outside of Chicago in early September in 2018. The team gave it their all and prevented three former World Champion coaches from achieving a podium sweep with their respective teams. Seattle Swift was considered a heavy underdog and received a tremendous amount of support throughout the event. The championship was a two-day long roller-coaster of emotions and competition, which culminated with Seattle Swift finally climbing to second place after Round 8 and fending off multiple competitors for the remainder of the championship.

Great work, guys!

Seattle Swift Skydiving Team 2nd Place Champtions at the 2018 USPA