AIM Consulting Sells Three East Region Offices

Modern office building

SEATTLE, WA April 5, 2016 – AIM Consulting, a nationally-recognized leader in technology solutions and services, has sold its Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta office operations to a newly formed organization, called RJBB Consulting, LLC, an entity owned by the East office leadership team. RJBB Consulting, as a separate entity, will have the option to continue operating under the AIM Consulting brand for up to nine months from April 5, 2016, the date the transaction was completed.

Out of its headquarters in Seattle and offices in Denver and Minneapolis, AIM Consulting will continue to deliver world-class services across the United States.

“The vision for AIM Consulting remains intact,” said Bill VanSickle, CEO of AIM Consulting. “We are great people working together with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to become the industry leader in technology consulting solutions and services. This transaction benefits all of AIM’s employees, customers, and other stakeholders and provides our former partners in the East the flexibility and independence they desire to operate as a standalone business.  Going forward, AIM will continue to grow as we open new offices under the right leadership to build the very best technology consulting firm in the country.”

About AIM Consulting

Founded in 2006, AIM Consulting is a rapidly growing, nationally recognized leader in technology solutions and services. AIM Consulting has the people, processes, and tools to provide companies with strategic guidance on business-critical initiatives and deliver end-to-end solutions. AIM meets the highest standard of excellence in technology, for better value than other consulting companies, with 100% focus on forging long-term relationships with deeply-experienced consultants and building high-performance, service-oriented teams that produce results.