Publishes AIM Consulting Article on Mobile Technologies For Customer Loyalty

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AIM Consulting | 07/23/2014 | Digital Experience and Mobile | In The Media has published an AIM Consulting article by Joey Shevelson on how to leverage mobile technologies for customer loyalty.  An excerpt of the article is below with a link to the publication and the full article.


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More marketers and product professionals are placing increased importance on emotion in customer engagement strategies, with good reason. Writers and researchers like Dan Ariely of Duke University, Daniel Kahneman of Princeton, and Antonio Damasio, of the University of Southern California have reported findings that make research into human decision-making relevant to anyone interested in understanding why people consistently choose one product, or brand, over another. Emotion plays a much greater role in decision making than was once thought, and a much greater role than is apparent to the one doing the deciding.

Marketers have always tried to engage customer emotions, but technology is changing how they do it. Traditional marketing techniques — like couponing — are finding new life. Using new and freely available technology tools, customers can get web-based coupons scanned at checkout or sent to them to use when they are in a store. Loyalty programs are growing in sophistication too, with concepts like gamification being applied to e-commerce sites to encourage customers to earn points and rewards for return visits, exploration of new products, recommendations and purchases. The most successful programs create habituation in the customer’s life, driving long-term program engagement.

The best way to drive emotional engagement with your brand is through mobile.

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