Addison Group’s Annual Workplace Survey Featured on

Young business man holding a laptop while discussing new project with his female colleague has published a summary of the findings from Addison Group’s annual Workplace Survey after the professional staffing and search services provider released its second round of results. A thousand full and part-time white-collar professionals in the U.S. participated.

The research found that 54% of active job seekers would take less pay if they worked at a company whose mission aligns with their beliefs, compared to just 30% of overall participants who would do the same. Moreover, 80% of job seekers and 67% of all respondents would take fewer amenities for the right job, while 72% and 49% would take a lengthier commute, respectively. Overall, the number one reason active job seekers are looking for a new job is better salary/compensation, with 52% of people in that category.

Generational differences were quite interesting, with 69% of millennials, 63% of Gen X, and 34% of Baby Boomers agreeing that they should be doing more in their careers to get where they want to be. Conversely, 64% of millennials, 59% of Gen X, and 45% of Baby Boomers said that they’re heading toward their dream job.

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