Clarifying QA Roles: Making Sense of an Array of Job Titles and Responsibilities

QA roles and responsibilities in software development can be confusing. On message boards, even ones specific to testing, questions such as “What’s the difference between a tester and an SDET?” and “Is an SDET the same thing as an automation

Four Online Courses to Become a Better SDET

The trend toward continuous delivery and automated testing has caused organizations to lean more on the SDET role, increasing the demand for highly skilled SDETs in the marketplace. For manual testers who want to become SDETs, and for current SDETs who want to grow their value, continuing education is essential.

Software Engineer (SDET) Testimonial

I am just going to get straight to the point here…AIM Consulting is the best staffing company I have ever worked with. At no point in the almost 2 years they have represented me have I felt out-of-the-loop while at a job or looking for one.
-Software Engineer

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