Project Manager Testimonial

AIM is not a staffing house, AIM is a professional business with talented consultants and they do a great job of empowering and counseling us. I always felt like I had an open door any time I needed to run something by Taylor and that is very much appreciated. – John Saban, Project Manager

The Importance of Knowing Your Role on a Web / Mobile Development Project

It’s not uncommon for teams to take elements from different methodologies (Scrum, TDD, Waterfall, Lean, Kanban, etc.) to build software. Everyone brings his or her own personal experiences to how software should be built and how projects should be managed. Throw in company-specific processes, different organizational makeups, and a variety of industry methodologies, and software development can get pretty confusing

The right processes will vary depending on the structure of the organization. At the end of the day, what matters is that you build a product that is of high value to your users. At AIM Consulting, we understand all the methodologies and adapt an approach that meets the needs of the business. We make sure all the necessary roles are understood and covered, key responsibilities are not overlooked and team members are not spreading themselves too thin. The result is contributing teams, quality software, and project success.

Project Manager Testimonial

…Communication was frequent, detailed, and very responsive. I felt well-represented and taken care of. As a project manager in e-commerce, the opportunity to work on a major retailer’s website redesign was very exciting. The experience allowed me to refresh skills in the RFP process… – AIM Consultant, Project Manager

Senior BI Project Manager Testimonial

I highly recommend AIM Consulting for anyone interested in a consulting career, FTE positions, etc. I have already recommended AIM to several of my colleagues. – James Wilson, Senior BI Project Manager

Senior Project Manager Testimonial

It has been a pleasure working with AIM Consulting over the past year. They are a consulting firm that genuinely cares about the consultant and the relationship between the consultant and the client…
-Project Manager

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