Multi-Year Strategic Roadmap for Utility Company to Build a Customer Experience Worthy of the J.D. Power Award

Case Study: Business Systems and Strategy SITUATION An electric and natural gas utility serving nearly 1.5 million customers United States aspired to win the J.D. Power award for retail electric providers within four years. The utility wanted to be among

Is Your Technology Organization Stuck in Groundhog Day?

…The best technology shops, and not coincidentally, some of the ones I’ve seen with the highest employee morale, are fully committed to continuous improvement at all levels. They share quality goals cross-functionally, emphasize problem management as a critical discipline and celebrate those that reveal issues and disdain any efforts to conceal them. Every day, small incremental improvements are made that eventually add up to great leaps. They understand that every great journey begins with a single step…

A Fool with a Tool will Squander Precious IT Budget Dollars

It’s that time of year where health club utilization starts to taper off. All those New Year’s resolutions to get back in shape drive a spike in new memberships in January but by Valentine’s Day it’s pretty clear that there’s more to getting in shape than belonging to a nice gym.

Such is the case with IT tools and utilities. IT orgs lay out big bucks for them thinking they’re going to give them the operational equivalent of six-pack abs but far too many end up under-utilized, or worse, as shelf-ware. However, unlike that Soloflex downstairs that you only use for hanging your laundry, underutilized IT tools are more than just embarrassing; they’re wasting precious money and stealing business value from your enterprise.

Site-Side Heatmap Analytics Tool for Retailer’s e-Commerce Site

Case Study: Business Intelligence – Data & Analytics SITUATION In an effort to generate more revenue from its e-commerce site and better understand customer behavior, a large U.S. retailer with 2013 revenues of $25 billion looked for more robust ways

ITSM: Transforming IT From Managing Technology to Empowering Business Published on FierceCIO

[EXCERPT] …The push for more technology services has been building steam due to innovations in services automation, remote storage and the availability of SaaS solutions for managing services. As these innovations have become increasingly important to the business, IT has been proactive in evaluating fit and driving adoption while continuing to make sure that technology within the business operates without interruption. To meet this expectation, IT organizations have begun adopting a mindset of service management. Despite having embraced the idea, they struggle with the change….

AIM Consulting Seattle Awarded Vendor of the Year by Expedia

AIM Consulting Seattle is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 2014 Vendor of the Year by Expedia

IT Service Management: Transforming IT From Managing Technology to Empowering Business

One of the great hidden transformations happening in businesses today is within IT. As businesses become more focused on providing better customer-facing experiences through services, IT becomes necessarily intertwined in supporting increasingly complex ecosystems of people, processes, and technology.

JavaScript is Cool…and the Market is Hot

Practically every professional recruiting source, from and LinkedIn to the U.S. Department of Labor, reports that the demand for developers is growing faster than expected.  In 2006, Microsoft and other corporations were screaming “Developers, developers, developers!” and encouraging an

AIM Consulting’s Seattle Office Hosts Its Annual Consultant Appreciation Party at Frolik Kitchen

Every year, the AIM Consulting Seattle office throws a big party for all of our technology consultants and internal employees. This year, AIM Seattle celebrated a great year at Frolik Kitchen, a Seattle rooftop bar & grill in. The AIM

Agile: Key Considerations for Adoption vs. Transformation

When the Agile Manifesto was introduced almost 14 years ago, it proposed a radical methodology change as an alternative to traditional project management.     With agile, project requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration in development cycles that break tasks into small

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