UX Rules the World!

You just downloaded a new app for your phone. You’re landing on a website for the first time. What do you see? What do you notice? Do you know what you’re supposed to do first? If it all makes sense and it’s easy to use – that’s successful UX.

AIM Delivers SDK to Unify Mobile Messaging Capabilities for Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate

Case Study: Digital Experience and Mobile SITUATION & BUSINESS CHALLENGE A mass media and entertainment conglomerate wanted to unify and enhance its messaging strategy to external mobile device end users. In particular, the conglomerate aimed to make it easier to

How to Develop a Winning Omnichannel Strategy

…Customers today no longer distinguish between online channels and brick-and-mortar stores. Many of today’s purchases cross multiple channels, and the customer considers them all part of the same brand experience. So while the 7 percent figure represents a hard and fast number of e-commerce sales, it actually comprises more channels than just e-commerce. Most major retailers are no longer trying to solve for e-commerce; if they are, they are behind the times…

4 Tips for Increasing the Value of Mobile Test Automation

Automated testing has become increasingly desirable for fast-paced agile development teams looking to shave time off their delivery cycles. In mobile, it is extremely valuable for performing repetitive tests quickly and on multiple devices at the same time. Unfortunately, because of the relative newness of mobile test automation, many teams struggle to incorporate it into their process in a way that provides value to the whole team. Here are four tips for increasing the value of your mobile test automation…

Not so fast – Reasons you shouldn’t be too quick to build your enterprise app with Swift

The beta launch of Swift at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June 2014 opened the door for a new generation of Apple programming. Apple intends for Swift to be the eventual successor to its stalwart programming language, Objective-C, the basis for all of Apple’s applications since 1996. At less than a year old, Swift has already made some headway with developers and in the open source community. But although Swift may be the right choice in some situations, it may be too early for enterprises to adopt it fully.

Location-based Services Delivering Innovations Outside of Retail

Location-based services, or LBS, is a key component in the ongoing evolution of mobile. It has revolutionized customer service, marketing and more for consumers by delivering everything from basic navigational aid to sophisticated contextual experiences within brick-and-mortar stores. Arguably, the retail sector can do more with LBS than what has been seen to date, but the enterprise has yet to even scratch the surface of its potential and is experiencing a much slower adoption rate than one might expect.

Javascript is Cool…and the Market is Hot on InfoQ

[EXCERPT] With the light-speed proliferation of mobile, consumers and enterprise users have come to expect highly responsive and seamless web experiences regardless of the device they’re using….Today, JavaScript is the better choice for delivering user impact.

Achieve Greater Success in Agile with Expanded User Stories

Agile emphasizes conversations and real time collaboration over written documentation, so it’s easy to see why a lot of detailed information is left out of user stories during the creation process. However, the reality is that, unless the project team consists of 2-3 people responsible for everything, there is just not enough information communicated in that simple sentence to be really useful.

Creating In-Store Contextual Experiences with Mobile

Because walls no longer define the retail environment, there is a lot of interest in tracking customer journeys and optimizing for the omni-channel… Retailers want to go beyond developing a mobile app that functions as a replacement for the desktop website; they want to engage customers contextually to help them make purchasing decisions.

Communication: The Cure for Common UX Design Challenges

As a UX designer, what do you do when, midway through the process, the product owner or other business stakeholder requests that you incorporate an idea for the design that provides a sub-optimum experience for the intended users, changes the scope of the project, or both?

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