Large-Scale Customer Analytics Data Migration for Multinational Beverage and Foods Organization

[Data & Analytics Case Study] …Skillfully executing an analytics data migration project of this scale required deep understanding of data and analytics and the methodologies and pitfalls of such an undertaking…

Best Practices to Prevent Scrum Failure and Manage Priorities within the Scrum Framework

…The scrum framework is ideal for situations where priorities change often, but many companies struggle with finding the right rhythm to implement and manage those changes. Scrum fails when companies don’t build a shared consensus on which principles should form their definition of agile delivery, or fail to educate everyone involved on how the agile processes should work…

Site-Side Heatmap Analytics Tool for Retailer’s e-Commerce Site

Case Study: Business Intelligence – Data & Analytics SITUATION In an effort to generate more revenue from its e-commerce site and better understand customer behavior, a large U.S. retailer with 2013 revenues of $25 billion looked for more robust ways

Responsive Design and the Variable of One

Responsive Web Design overcomes the mobile ecosystem’s fragmentation and enables both marketing and IT to leverage the concept of the Variable of One: one strategy, one content, one code base to maintain, one deployment, one user experience, one set of metrics.

Three Questions for Every E-Commerce Retailer on Website Magazine

[EXCERPT] The ability to research products, compare prices, read reviews and make purchases at the click of a button has created a new kind of consumer—one with high expectations for the digital experience…

Customer Issue Analysis & Resolution for New Cash Management System for Washington Trust

Case Study: Washington Trust Bank Situation Founded in 1902, Washington Trust Bank (WA Trust) is the oldest and largest privately held bank in the Pacific Northwest. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, the bank provides relationship-based commercial banking, private banking, trust administration

VIDEO | About Becoming an AIM Consultant

We are always looking for the very best technology talent and have created a video about what it is like to become an AIM Consultant. Watch now!

VIDEO | About AIM Consulting

We have created a video for prospective clients to learn about our company and the technology challenges that we solve! Watch Now.

New Datacenter and Cloud-Hosting Strategy for an eCommerce Business

Case Study: Strategic IT Consulting Situation A major eCommerce business had followed a technology growth pattern common for most large corporations, building and growing its own data center to accommodate its changing needs. But the infrastructure has aged, and with the

3 Common Interviewing Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

At AIM, we have many stories about hiring managers passing on qualified candidates because they didn’t interview well. This obviously isn’t what anybody wants to happen. You wanted the job. We wanted you to get the job. The hiring manager wanted to fill the position.

So what happened?

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