IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS: Which is Right for You?

While most modern enterprises use the cloud in some fashion, many still don’t understand how best to leverage it for their flagship applications and IT infrastructure. Choosing the appropriate model or models to serve your organization’s vision requires careful planning and understanding of the drivers, benefits, and challenges of each.

Is Your Technology Organization Stuck in Groundhog Day?

…The best technology shops, and not coincidentally, some of the ones I’ve seen with the highest employee morale, are fully committed to continuous improvement at all levels. They share quality goals cross-functionally, emphasize problem management as a critical discipline and celebrate those that reveal issues and disdain any efforts to conceal them. Every day, small incremental improvements are made that eventually add up to great leaps. They understand that every great journey begins with a single step…

Datacenter Migration Strategy and IT Project Management for Cloud-Based HR Services Company

Case Study: IT Infrastructure, Cloud, and ITSM SITUATION A leading provider of cloud-based human resources services had experienced phenomenal growth and was positioning itself for an initial public offering (IPO). The company had maintained a startup culture, focusing mostly on

The Normalization of Deviance

The weird or unusual can become so “normal” that we no longer notice because no consequences resulted from the initial occurrences. This is a phenomenon that can lead to the accumulation of quality issues and extensive customer dissatisfaction or even catastrophe…This phenomenon was labeled as the “normalization of deviance” by sociologist Diane Vaughan in her investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster where known issues were dismissed or rationalized away until they resulted in an enormous system failure. So, what is the key to ensuring the abnormal doesn’t become normal? It starts with a focus on measuring service excellence and productivity from the customer’s perspective and holding yourself accountable.

ITSM: Transforming IT From Managing Technology to Empowering Business Published on FierceCIO

[EXCERPT] …The push for more technology services has been building steam due to innovations in services automation, remote storage and the availability of SaaS solutions for managing services. As these innovations have become increasingly important to the business, IT has been proactive in evaluating fit and driving adoption while continuing to make sure that technology within the business operates without interruption. To meet this expectation, IT organizations have begun adopting a mindset of service management. Despite having embraced the idea, they struggle with the change….

ServiceNow Implementation and Strategic Roadmap

Case Study: IT Consulting SITUATION A vertically integrated, full-service midstream provider of crude-oil and natural-gas logistics, water treatment services, and retail propane was structured to respond quickly to emerging growth options and had expanded considerably through acquisitions in its first

AIM Consulting Experiences 81% Year-Over-Year Company Growth, Opens New Midwestern Office

AIM Consulting, a leading provider of technology solutions and services, today announced the company’s 81% year-over-year (Q1 2013-Q1 2014) growth and the opening of its sixth office in Minneapolis.

MS Dynamics CRM 2013 Upgrade for a Global Charitable Organization

The organization’s CRM encompassed multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online sites, all of which required an upgrade from Dynamics CRM Online 2011 to the 2013 version…In addition to completing the upgrade within a three-month window, the organization also desired changes to the software’s user interface (UI) for many of its teams, based on new functionality available in Dynamics CRM Online 2013.

CRM strategy and implementation for large charitable organization

A large charitable foundation faced a predicament very familiar to growing businesses: inefficient management of tens of thousands of external contacts and the workflow associated with them.

Optis Flagship Application Elevated to the Cloud (Full Text)

Complete case study on how AIM Consulting transformed Optis’ flagship application, LeaveExpert, to the cloud

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