Technology News Roundup: March 2019

Curious about the latest technology news? We have you covered in AIM Consulting’s tech news roundup! In this issue we have some great stories on emerging technology trends, strategies, and more!

The Achilles’ Heel of AI | Forbes Magazine

This articles highlights the importance of preparing data properly before attempting to use it for machine learning or AI. The author also outlines the steps necessary to ensure your data is ready for use in a machine learning project, including, but not limited to:

  • Removing or correcting bad data & duplicates
  • Standardizing data
  • Updating data that is out of date
  • Anonymizing data
  • Data sampling

Why security is the top barrier in enterprise cloud adoption | TechRepublic

This is a very interesting interview of Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer of Ping Identity. Ping Identity, an enterprise security firm, recently released a study that found that security is the top barrier to cloud adoption in enterprise IT infrastructure. The interview dives into some of the possible explanations for this, and focuses on how identity has become an extremely important component of the migration to the cloud.

How digital transformation affects the people of New York City | TechRepublic

Are you interested in real-world case studies of digital transformation? TechRepublic recently sat down with the deputy CTO of NYC to discuss their community-oriented approach to digital transformation and cybersecurity, as well as their Moonshot Challenge program.

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