White Paper: Pros and Cons of Mobile App Cross-Platform Development vs Native Development

Cartoon of hand holding phone showing location icon on screen

Can cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin and React Native save mobile app development time and cost? Or will going down this path open a Pandora’s box of tech debt?

Cross-platform technologies have advanced significantly since the days of PhoneGap and other non-native mobile HTML wrappers. These new frameworks can provide tangible benefits to your organization, but it is prudent not to treat them as a “write once, run anywhere” solutions. As with any tool, due diligence should be exercised to ensure the selected development approach is appropriate for the task at hand.

This free white paper dives deep into the benefits and pitfalls of native versus cross-platform development, including:

  • The fiction of “write once, run anywhere” approach
  • Situations where cross-platform development can be more appropriate than native
  • Latest “native” cross-platform tools compared