Pramata Announces New Partnership with AIM Consulting

Pramata, the leading commercial relationship operations platform, recently announced new partnerships with AIM Consulting, Navint, and Frazier & Deeter. Pramata drives significant operational and financial improvements for enterprise clients by analyzing key commercial relationships to uncover opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue. Their platform utilizes human-assisted, artificial intelligence to perform deal term analysis, which is traditionally a manual process and extremely valuable to customers’ bottom lines.

Because of the complexity involved in commercial agreements, implementing Pramata requires a cross-functional team in Finance, Sales Operations and IT. Foundational systems for a Pramata engagement typically include CRM and contract management systems. Consequently, AIM provides delivery leadership, data analysis, and systems integration to ensure the success of each engagement. AIM Consulting also works closely with Pramata and our mutual clients to identify opportunities that can be piloted and tested within the first 60 days of an engagement. Once the cost savings and revenue opportunities are validated, the Pramata solution can be tuned and expanded to optimize the return on investment across a wide range of commercial relationships.

Lastly, this partnership will help clients take full advantage of the new Summer 2017 Release of Pramata, which features a new suite of applications that leverage machine learning and built-in analytics to gain valuable insights from customer, partner and supplier data. Ultimately, AIM Consulting’s goal is to partner with Pramata and mutual clients to empower their sales, legal and finance teams to grow revenue, ensure compliance, and maximize operational efficiencies.

If you would like to learn more about AIM Consulting’s partnership with Pramata, click here.

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