Implementing an Analytics Business Plan Requires Commitment

laptop with code and hands

AIM Consulting Director of Data & Analytics for Minneapolis Steve Tycast discusses the three essential pillars for successfully implementing an analytics business plan.

To get the most out of a data analytics business plan, companies must have clear goals and communication, as well as proper buy-in companywide.

By: Joseph M. Carew

Approaching analytics can be daunting for companies of any size and the stakes are often high. Collecting data is one thing, but gleaning useful and actionable information out of it can be a troublesome next step.

Implementing a data analytics business plan, even with patience and broad commitment, can still prove difficult to tackle if the proper groundwork is not laid.

Companies need to be adaptive and take the right approach with data before an analytics plan can be used effectively. As with most major shifts and projects, it is the amount of focus and effort put into a data analytics business plan that can determine its success.

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