Agile Solutions

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Agile consulting tailored to your organization and business goals

To keep pace with the digital world, you need to adopt a modern approach to software development. You need self-organizing, collaborative, and high-performing teams, a process to delivering technology that focuses on the user and actually solves business problems, and technology and tools that tie the two together.

The solution you need is Agile.

Agile methodology has been around for decades now, but it’s still new to some organizations or teams. And even those who have been doing Agile for years have room to improve. Although Agile is a best practice in software engineering and application development, Agile failure is still prevalent. Initiatives are often improperly supported, dogmatic approaches can inhibits adaptability to the organization, and faux-Agile transformation can corrupt the core principles of agile and render the result useless. But when Agile is understood in its essence and implemented pragmatically, with an eye for team cultures and organizational needs, the results are astonishing.

Fortunately, we’re experts.

AIM Consulting has seasoned Agile practitioners who not only have deep knowledge of Agile methodology (Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Scrumban, etc.), but also have the experience to know how Agile can be implemented and customized within a specific company culture, team structure, technology environment, and organizational dependencies to maximize success. We work side-by-side with our clients to not only train and coach teams on what Agile methodology is, but work side by side with them on site to support complete agile transformations and agile solutions across people, processes, and tools.

How Agile Benefits You:

  • Visibility and transparency to stakeholders
  • Greater alignment between the business and IT
  • Increased value to users
  • Faster speed to market
  • Reduced number of defects in production
  • A team-based, collaborative culture
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale

Agile Solutions We Deliver:

  • Agile Assessments
  • Roadmap to Agile with KPIs
  • Agile Skills Maturation (Team Readiness)
  • Agile Adoption with Pilot Teams
  • Agile Transformation (end-to-end implementation for one team or across the enterprise)
  • Agile experts to help with prioritization of product backlogs
  • Templates, Tools and Technology
  • Agile Optimization and Continuous Improvement
  • Staff augmentation for key Agile resources (Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, etc.)
  • Extending Agile to Operations with CI/CD, DevOps, and DevSecOps,

Our Agile Expertise

  • Scrum, Lean-Agile, Kanban, Scrumban
  • Scaled and SAFe Agile
  • TDD and Pairing
  • Agile operations / DevOps
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • DevOps and DevSecOps