2019 State of the Cloud Report Released by RightScale


RightScale, a Flexera cloud management firm, recently released its 8th Annual State of the Cloud Report. The report summarizes their findings after surveying nearly 800 technology professionals on cloud adoption. Over half of the respondents worked at enterprise-level companies, while the remainder worked at SMBs.

We have summarized some of their key findings below:

94% of survey respondents use cloud technologies

While the vast majority of those surveyed are using the cloud, there is some discrepancy between public cloud vs. private cloud adoption, at 91% vs 72%, respectively. Interestingly, most respondents use at least one public and private cloud.

Enterprises believe in balancing public and private clouds.

While public cloud is a top priority for a third of enterprises, many companies are emphasizing a balanced approach with nearly 30% focusing on hybrid cloud, and 17% balancing public and private cloud.

The top challenges for enterprises are managing cloud spend and cloud governance

Regardless of cloud maturity, optimizing cloud costs (84%) and governance (84%) are primary concerns for enterprises and have grown in importance since 2018.

Container use is increasing, and Kubernetes has dramatically increased in popularity

Overall, Docker container adoption has increased to 57%, while Kubernetes use went up from 27% to 48%. Meanwhile, 66% and 60% of enterprises utilize Docker and Kubernetes, respectively. Additionally, ECS/EKS adoption remained at 44% adoption while Azure Container Service use increased from 20% to 28% year-over-year.

Public cloud PaaS services utilization is skyrocketing

Serverless remained as the top cloud service, experiencing 50% growth over 2018, followed by stream processing, machine learning, container-as-a-service, and IoT. Furthermore, among enterprises, relational DBaaS, date warehouse, push notifications, and container-as-a-service round out the top four. Finally, respondents are most interested in machine learning for future use, with nearly 50% planning to or already experimenting with the technology.

If you would like to read more about the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera, please visit their website.

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