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Tana Green

Lead Consultant, DX & Mobile

Tana converts business needs into products that sell themselves by delivering intuitive value to customers and end-users. She is passionate about the role of design and strategic design thinking for digital transformation of business practices for greater efficacy.

She is passionate about creating value and impact for enterprise and eCommerce customers in all of her endeavors. She cares deeply about the value that creativity brings to an organization, and seeks to inspire, respect, and encourage designers and developers to collaborate and create elegant, efficient and strong solutions. A firm believer in true Agile production processes, she has served as a design Scrum Master for six product teams on national and global products. By staying true to documented Agile ceremonies and methods, individual team members understand their role and can contribute effectively to be an efficient and innovative team. She often reminds her colleagues of the market and user research findings that should guide our decisions and provides clear, actionable, and respectful creative constructive criticism during reviews.

Tana has focused on creating innovative and robust UX/UI design and information practices for over 12 years, and 10 years of architectural design prior to that. She is passionate about orchestrating the practices of product strategy, design thinking, and the implementation of CRM, CMS, and other platforms for more effective online business operations. Tana creates visual concepts, design systems, and efficient design processes that seek to facilitate, inspire, and encourage stakeholders, designers, and developers to rigorously collaborate and create elegant, efficient, and strong solutions together.

In the prior 10 years as an architectural designer, she collaborated on the 3D and interactive exhibits as well as the interior design of the National WWI Museum, the National 9/11 Museum and Memorial, the National Math Museum, and other large cultural and commercial projects.

Her subject matter expertise is in experience design for life sciences, hospitality, eCommerce, telecommunications, insurance, non-profits, and cultural institutions. She has collaborated with leading digital agencies, technology companies, and exhibition design firms in New York, Chicago, and Seattle.

She holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University and received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University.