White Paper: Digital Transformation: Creating work culture innovation with Box


While SaaS applications simplify management and offer more predictable cost structures for IT with greater accessibility for users, they can underwhelm when not implemented carefully. Many business decision makers rush into SaaS projects expecting plug-and-play only to find there is often more than meets the eye to SaaS implementations.

Box, a leading cloud enterprise content management (ECM) application with whom AIM Consulting has a Partnership, is an example of a feature-rich SaaS provider that requires a concerted change management effort to drive adoption and a achieve a successful implementation.

Box has the potential to revolutionize worker productivity and drive high levels of efficiency, innovation and user satisfaction in an organization. But when implemented incorrectly or without a clear governance plan, user adoption can suffer, which directly impacts an organization’s ability to achieve desired outcomes.

In this whitepaper are some helpful guidelines for getting a Box implementation right, as well as some tips for organizations who have already implemented Box but may need some help with adoption and digital transformation.