Technology Spotlight: GraphQL

GraphQL is the recent generation of technology that provides data interfaces between systems in distributed systems. It is the successor to ReST and SOAP, all of which ultimately came out of RPC back before the millennium. 

Data Interfaces: A History

GraphQL was initially developed at Facebook and was released to the public as a standard in 2015.

Here at AIM Consulting, we held a really fun team event to learn more about GraphQL by implementing it in AWS AppSync. This summit had participants from both engineering team members and our product and project consultants that focus on delivery leadership. 

GraphQL: A History

It is exciting to see that GraphQL is so mature today that users with a wide spectrum of exposure to technology can meaningfully implement a GraphQL service in AWS that is structured, robust, and able to handle traffic from hundreds or even thousands of users. 

You, too, can experiment with GraphQL easily and build your own Data Interface in AWS AppSync with basic technology skills and a free AWS Account. 

In this guide, you will learn to create a GraphQL API which you use to read and write data of your choosing and store it in a cloud database. This API will be robust, tolerant to faults, require no ongoing DBA maintenance, and is compatible with many standard tools and UI libraries. 

I will give you the information to:

  • Sign up for an AWS free tier account 
  • Design a data model  
  • Plug your model into AppSync 
  • Interact with your API using Apollo GraphQL Sandbox 
  • Shut off your service to avoid unexpected charges

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