Tech News Roundup: Week of December 4th, 2017

Technology advances at breakneck speed, which makes it difficult to keep up with all the latest news and analysis. Luckily for you, we combed the media for this week’s top technology news that you and your business should know about.

Digital transformation can revolutionize how your business operates, but ultimately depends on proper execution and being able to separate fact from fiction. recently published a great summary of the different myths to be wary of, like digital transformation bringing about IT and business harmony, and digital transformation being a purely IT function. – Artificial Intelligence Seeks an Ethical Conscience

Many of the world’s top AI researchers came together for the Neural Information Processing Systems conference to discuss the latest and greatest in AI research and its societal impact. Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford was the keynote speaker and focused on the emerging ethical implications of AI technology. Other researchers gave talks on how to audit AI software and improve “AI Safety”, which is a new vein of work that focuses on preventing software from developing unexpected behavior.

TechCrunch: Salesforce is latest big tech vendor to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Salesforce joined the likes of AWS, Microsoft, and Oracle after announcing it had decided to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the open source organization that oversees Kubernetes. Salesforce’s own Mark Interrante stated that this sort of rapid adoption of Kubernetes proves that its containerization features are effective in helping companies create products faster and easier. On top of that, large enterprises like Salesforce are trying to get in on the action so that they can benefit from influencing the development of new tools and features.