Optis Flagship Application Elevated to the Cloud



For the past six years, Optis has served customers in the HR segment with its LeaveXpert® software, helping businesses to manage personnel leaves and absences. However, the application, while valuable to customers, wasn’t proving to be cost effective to support and maintain as Optis’ client list grew. Each customer was a large enterprise that required a custom implementation of the application, and for small-to-medium businesses, custom implementation came at a cost that was out of reach, thus reducing Optis’ potential customer opportunities.

Optis called on AIM Consulting to help unify the product on a single, multitenant platform to improve and simplify the implementation process and make it feasible to offer the same value and benefits to small and medium-sized customers. AIM Consulting not only provided Optis with a solution for LeaveXpert in the form of SaaS-based cloud technology, but also guided Optis in a complete transformation of its in-house development model. Optis now has a streamlined product for a greatly expanded customer base, an Agile development process, and a platform to build upon for the next several years.

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