ITSM Quality Program & Scorecard


This case study deals with a large eCommerce company’s need for improved confidence and resilience in their IT team, which AIM Consulting delivered through an IT Quality solution.

Case Study Contents:

  1. Challenge: System Outages, Overwhelmed Servers
  2. Solution: Created IT Services Scorecard
  3. Results: Reduced Costs, Improved IT Capabilities & Visibility

Challenge: System Outages, Overwhelmed Servers

A major eCommerce company experienced a series of system outages due to high traffic overwhelming servers that caused its website to go down. Customers were not able to complete transactions, which affected brand trust and reduced confidence in IT.

The business needed to address and solve these issues from both the business side and the IT side. The main concern was to make sure IT had everything it needed to prevent another incident.

The company went in search of expertise to address this issue through an IT service quality program and found that expertise in AIM Consulting.

Solution: Created IT Services Scorecard

AIM’s first task was to evaluate existing service quality efforts. From the evaluation, several initiatives were identified and prioritized, including the need for an IT Services scorecard and an assessment of the IT Service Management capabilities.

The scorecard would allow IT management to view quality in four main areas: downtime, response time, error rate, and scalability.

Our experts combined IT Service Management expertise with Business Intelligence and Tableau development resources to build the scorecarding tool and establish a roadmap to improve the visibility and IT service quality in those four areas.

During the initial assessment, several roadblocks—including the challenge of collecting the proper data to create the scorecard with the right KPIs across the management community—were discovered and addressed.

In addition, AIM’s experts performed an assessment of the organization’s IT Service Management capabilities, which encompassed a review of the company’s service operations, including incident, problem, change, and request fulfillment. Recommendations were also made regarding how IT can improve processes with existing technology that’s no longer supported.

Results: Reduced Costs, Improved IT Capabilities & Visibility

With the new scorecard system in place, the company’s IT leaders have increased visibility into problems that exist across the services they manage and support. They hold weekly meetings and are now able to monitor progress against key performance indicators they’ve defined for each service team.

Overall, AIM helped the company recognize several initiatives that needed to be undertaken to mature its capabilities and improve visibility in the quality of the services it manages.

The company has benefited greatly from being able to reduce the amount of overhead spent on sustaining operations and from monitoring operations proactively.

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