InfoQ Publishes AIM Consulting Article on JavaScript Market

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InfoQ Magazine has published an article by AIM consultants Areos Ledesma and Will Asrari about the rising prominence of JavaScript in the marketplace. Continue for an excerpt and link to the publication and full article.


Practically every professional recruiting source, from and LinkedIn to the U.S. Department of Labor, reports that the demand for developers is growing faster than expected. The demand may be old news, but the type of development language most sought after in the job market continues to be a hot topic. While there is still a steady need for people with HTML5 skills, the language to know is JavaScript.

In a report on tech hiring trends for 2015, Monster specifically called out JavaScript as one of the skills to have, thanks in part to the growth of web-based apps for the enterprise. In January 2015, Mashable listed the 15 most critical skillsets for developers, with JavaScript ranking second. This is a distinct change from previous years, when JavaScript was not universally liked. Blogger Glen Maddern represents the new thinking about JavaScript, believing it has progressed from being just okay to great.

What’s so great about JavaScript?

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