How does gated test automation improve your business?

Improve the reliability of test automation and communicate the standing of product quality more clearly.

Test automation grew from recognizing and accepting that manual testing is inefficient and cannot scale. ​​By automating testing as part of their Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment pipeline, enterprise organizations took a useful step in the right direction. 

However, test automation is just the beginning. Many organizations inadvertently introduce more fragility and inefficiency into their CI/CD with test automation, thus negating its benefits. 

Teams who implement test automation without gates frequently rely on automation reports and dashboards, which require time and effort. SDETs have to build and maintain reporting to communicate the state of the software.

Gated Test Automation reduces that need by providing shorthand and informed agreed-upon assumptions for the team and stakeholders to quickly know the state of the software.

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In this eBook, AIM Consulting provides a breakdown of what is Gated Test Automation, why it is superior to test automation, and how it can be used to:

  • Bridge the divide between testers & developers
  • Improve team communication & understanding
  • Deliver software with higher quality & efficiency


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