Data science interview preparation: How to answer top questions


“With high demand comes high competition for those seeking data scientist roles. Interviews are still an important part of the hiring process and can present a problem for even the most qualified candidate.”AIM Consulting Director of Data & Analytics, Steve Tycast provides his industry knowledge on data science interview preparation.

A successful interview for a data scientist position relies on the ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate your combined experiences and skills.

By: Joseph M. Carew,

With high demand comes high competition for those seeking data scientist roles. Interviews are still an important part of the hiring process and can present a problem for even the most qualified candidate.

Doing background research on the company, going over neglected skills and preparing some anecdotes can help ease the tension for candidates.

To further prepare, it is necessary to understand where interviewers are coming from and what they are looking for in an employee. Here are some of the major factors interviewers are looking for in candidates and some procedures companies will run you through during the interview process.

Preparing for the interview

As with most things, laying groundwork is crucial to the success of an interview. For a highly technical and difficult position such as data scientist, this is especially true. Going over skills, recalling solutions to past problems and analyzing each step can help candidates prepare for the process.

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