Data Analytics Consulting: How Can It Help Your Business?

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For many teams, lack of data is not an issue – but access and analytic capabilities are. Data that is not easily shared, integrated, or accessible creates data silos, resulting in inaccurate, duplicative, and incomplete data and analytics.

The most successful organizations recognize that data is their most valuable asset and make the investments necessary to capitalize on this information and knowledge.

This helps them not only remain relevant to ever-changing market demands, but also to be proactive market leaders.

If your organization is struggling to understand or leverage the full value of its data, seeking the expertise of a data consultant will help you realize your potential.

Everything you need to know about Data Analytics consultants:

  1. What is Data Analytics?
  2. What Does a Data Analytics Consultant Do?
  3. Data Analytics Consultant Responsibilities & Services
  4. When Should You Hire a Data Analytics Consultant?
  5. 8 Ways Data Analytics Consultants Can Help Your Business
  6. Types of Projects Data Analytics Consultants Work On, With Examples

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the ability to leverage an organization’s data to help them gain deeper insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities. It helps organizations be more agile and proactive, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the market.

What Does a Data Analytics Consultant Do?

Data analytics consultants help companies strategize, design, build, and operationalize data and analytical platforms. They are technically proficient, enabling and supporting the journey from business vision to technical reality with Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analytic capabilities.

Consultants help organizations realize data as an asset, bringing the data together to unlock new opportunities they never knew existed. Their strong skills across multiple industries and outside perspectives enable them to compare experiences, bringing their clients new perspectives and best-of-breed solutions.

Data Analytics Consultant Responsibilities & Services:

  • Assess data processes and journeys to identify and address gaps
  • Support data integration, migration, and warehousing
  • Create data models to improve processes
  • Adept at manipulating large data sets
  • Connect business processes with tools, leveraging software including Power BI and Tableau to deliver actionable insights
  • Generating reports and dashboards for data visualization
  • Conduct knowledge-sharing and training on how to conduct data analysis accurately and effectively
  • Comfortable delivering cost-effective automation and process improvements through machine learning
  • Multi-faceted, can build custom solutions from scratch or enhance existing
  • Always up to date on the latest technologies, trends

When Should You Hire a Data Analytics Consultant?

Organizations at any maturity level of their data analytics journey can benefit from hiring consultants. For those that have data but don’t know where to start, consultants can help you understand the big picture.

Organizations that have heavily invested in their data & analytics solutions can still realize the benefits of leveraging consultants. Consultants help organizations solve their most complex challenges and tap into the full value of their data by reducing data silos, harnessing data to drive business insights and empowering leaders with the information they need to make the right decisions.

8 Ways Data Analytics Consultants Can Help Your Business

  1. Increasing access to data by providing data democratization across your enterprise
  2. Removing data silos to improve collaboration, transparency, and trust
  3. Strengthening insights and reliability so teams can make more informed, strategic decisions
  4. Delivering a custom-fit solution from scratch or enhancing existing solutions to capture, store, analyze, and visualize data
  5. Leveraging business intelligence (BI) tools to deliver faster analysis through intuitive dashboards
  6. Using data governance best practices to improve the quality and accuracy of data
  7. Optimizing internal operational processes to maximize output and minimize costs
  8. Providing opportunities to drive more meaningful relationships with customers

Types of Projects Data Analytics Consultants Work On, With Examples

The work of data consultants can vary significantly and includes elements of strategy, data governance, data architecture and engineering, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. As one example, let’s look at one of AIM Consulting’s previous projects. For a more detailed look, see our Data Analytics case study.

Example of Data Analytics Consulting Project:

A multinational beverage and foods organization needed to decommission and migrate key business processes and data analysis around customer analytics from its legacy data platform, Teradata, to Oracle’s Exadata platform.

AIM’s data and analytics experts thoroughly analyzed and documented the organization’s customer analytics requirements, design, and business processes needed to successfully lead the migration.

This process involved conducting numerous one-on-one and group interviews to gather all Teradata domain knowledge throughout the organization. The consultants then created a knowledge basis knowledge base and information repository for all processes, tools, the requirements associated with migrating databases from Teradata to Oracle.

The data analytics experts also developed an application to automate the migration from Teradata to Oracle. More than 13,000 database objects, constituting 99% of all objects, were migrated leveraging the tool.

As a result of the consultants’ expertise, the data migration automation application was streamlined and developed in three weeks, saving the organization from having to rely on a massive manual undertaking that might have required 20–30 consultants and a year or more. With an application to automate the process, the time invested was trimmed to weeks.

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