4 Features of Great Data Visualization and Storytelling


By: Lisa Morgan

AIM Consulting Director of Data & Analytics in Seattle, Bryan Coker, discusses the importance of using visualizations to create your data story narrative “…thinking through the layers and making sure there’s continuity between where you’re starting and where you’re ending.” – Bryan Coker

Data visualization and storytelling go hand in hand when it comes to explaining data. Here are four ways to make sure you build and tell a strong data story for your audience.

The great thing about data is that it can be used to prove anything, but how compelling is your data story? While technical issues like data quality and model accuracy matter, at some point you’re going to have to explain what the data means.

If you’re faced with a simple question such as “How many widgets did we sell last month?” a simple data visualization will do. However, when you need to explain a “why” question, you’re probably going to have to create a data story.

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