At AIM Consulting, we are a focused, energetic group of people working together with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to being an industry leader in technology consulting services. We lead by developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our consultants and clients. We invest in our employees, fostering career growth by enabling access to training, encouraging personal development, and by providing mentorship. All our employees are encouraged to be creative and are driven to succeed. We value honest communication, reward performance, and produce high quality results and happy clients. Our days are competitive, fast, fun, and exciting. In addition to an annual salary, all of our full-time positions at AIM Consulting include the following: Lucrative Bonus Potential with YoY growth, Medical, Dental and Vision insurance (spousal and dependent coverage), 401k with company matching, paid certifications, disability insurance, commuter benefits, paid time off and sick days, paid maternity and paternity leave, and wellness programs.

We are REAL people inspired by each other. Community, passion for technology, and hunger for knowledge bring us together and drive our team forward.

When we say we are customer-centric and built on relationships, we mean it. 

We are looking for a drivenindependentmotivated, and, most importantly, customer-centric individual to join the Seattle Application Development team.

We help businesses strategize and resolve issues with architecture, security, and buggy performance, clear a stacked backlog, and ultimately making application development projects completed faster, more efficiently, and at high quality.

Our team starts with the customer first, working together for one goal, their success. If you’re interested in joining a rapidly growing team, excited about technology advancements, and ready to put your stamp on breaking into accounts, you’ve come to the right place.

AIM Consulting is an award-winning industry leader in technology consulting and solutions delivery. AIM’s differentiation is our collaborative engagement model that provides cross-functional results. We work with clients, shoulder to shoulder, for one goal – their success. Founded in 2006, with offices in Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, and Chicago, we are ranked among the fastest-growing private companies and best companies to work for due to a long track record of success with our partners and consultants.

AIM connects, inspires, and empowers our customers by leveraging our world-class team of consultants to help solve their critical business challenges, drive innovation, and produce results that exceed expectations.

Our Motto: Teamwork. Attitude. Discipline.  


Project Delivery: Responsible for the successful delivery of engagements with AIM’s clients.  Hands-on in helping clients solve complex problems, pushes through challenging situations, and drives new processes and software adoption. Provides great customer service, has passion for technology, and focuses on team success. 

Consultant Community: Driving internal technical discussions (i.e. technology exploration) is vital to individual and organizational improvement. Playing an active role is each consultant’s responsibility. Contributing and learning whenever possible. 


  • Assume Multiple Roles – With any highly functioning team, the members of the team are more focused on success than what role they play in it.  Being flexible is critical to a consulting team’s success. 
  • Verbal and Written Communication – Effective communication with your project team as well as internal and external stakeholders is paramount.  Being able to share successes / challenges and work progress is the bar.  Good documentation and timely updates to tasks. 
  • Spotting Risks – Being able to identify patterns and associated risks is important.  Understanding dependencies to you and your team’s work, and possible impacts. 
  • Statements of Work – Work is done based off contracts that have been mutually agreed upon.  You will be working with others to create these contracts, based on client conversations and discovery sessions.  Knowing what’s in and out of scope, as well as the expectations of milestones and release schedules is required. 
  • Meeting Commitments – Challenges always show their ugly head.  What’s important is that we leverage team members, tools, and processes to remove blocking issues quickly and effectively.  Communicating changes in plans early and often. 
  • Organizational Growth – As with most companies, ours relies on the contributions of our employees.  Learning lunches, project retrospectives, training, and consultant community are essential to our growth and success. 
  • Continuous Improvement – You should be focused on continually learning and increasing your value both individually and collectively.  Using retrospectives to help you understand where you have room to grow, and capitalizing on it. 
  • Variable Team Compositions – Being able to work individually or within a team is important. 
  • Project Estimation – Being able to estimate work items beyond your individual tasks. 
  • Maintaining Quality – Keeping an eye on the work contributed by all team members.  If you see areas for improvement, you bring them up.  An overall sense of ownership. 
  • Mentoring – Mentoring others on your team, or elsewhere in the organization.  Sharing industry standard best practices, or modern architectural improvements. 
  • Community Development – Organizing and leading discussions and events within the organization.  Creating workshops, sharing seed projects, collaborating on process improvements. 
  • Interviewing – Making sure we select the right people to make AIM successful is huge.  We need our senior people to help us weed out those that aren’t right for AIM, and make sure we don’t miss out on those that will make us even better. 
  • Career Advocacy – Helping other consultants achieve their career goals, both short term and long term.  Recommending training, helping them spot gaps in their skillset, and encourage them to go after opportunities. 
  • Sales Support – Creating material for the Sales team to leverage is an important aspect of consulting.  Research, proof of concepts, and PowerPoint creation. 
  • Thought Leadership – Creating and sharing ideas on improving technology and processes.  Technology insights, case studies, and white papers. 

Required Skills: 

  • Leadership experience 
  • AIM consultants are expected to be thought leaders in their field, and a lead consultant is expected to guide and manage those leaders 
  • Strong software development skills in multiple languages and technologies: 
  • AIM engagements concentrate on C#/.NET, Java, Javascript and Python. 
  • Candidate will have demonstrated success in at least two of these languages and must show that capacity to ramp up quickly on those remaining. 
  • Expert test automation skills developing automation frameworks and platforms. 
  • AIM test stacks use tools including Cucumber/Gherkin, Rest-Assured, Selenium, Jasmine, TestNG and nUnit/jUnit 
  • Candidate will have deep experience writing test automation from scratch using our technologies and have a nuanced perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of different stacks and techniques 
  • Expert software testing skills 
  • Candidate will have a strong grasp and real world experience in functional testing, performance testing, security testing,  
  • Candidate will know the test pyramid model and understand how to pragmatically apply it to a project 
  • Candidate will use equivalency classing, pairwise testing, bounds checking, concurrency testing, and other essential techniques of software quality assurance and testing 
  • Strong project management skills 
  • Candidate will have significant experience participating in agile and scrum project management 
  • Candidate will understand how the test function fits into the cadence and deliverables of sprints and will naturally make concrete and detailed commitments and deliver on them consistently 
  • Candidate will believe that high quality planning, management and testing ultimately accelerates project velocity and works hard to demonstrate that every sprint 

Desired Skills: 

  • BS in computer science or other technical field 
  • Sales or other customer facing experience 
  • Experience participating in highly public and / or open source projects 
  • Experience in community engagement, hackathons, meetups, and other events 

The salary band for this role is $110-$175k.