AIM's Business Referral Program

While working onsite with clients, our consultants are often privy to useful intelligence. We are extending a monetary incentive to share this information with our sales teams and help AIM Consulting grow!

All consultants for AIM are eligible for a $2000 bonus per person placed per business lead that turns into engagements of 90 days or longer. There is no cap on the number of qualifying people placed through referrals that you can receive a bonus on, from a single person to a 20+ team, but the following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The opportunity must be previously unknown to AIM
  • The engagement must be for 90 days or longer
  • Bonuses are only eligible for a payout after the referred persons have completed 90 days’ work
  • Bonuses are paid on AIM’s quarterly bonus payout schedule after the referred business has exceeded 90 days
  • Recipients must be employed with AIM at the time of bonus payout to receive the bonus

Hypothetical Examples

  1. You hear about a dev needed on the team where you are engaged and submit the lead to AIM.  AIM places a dev on the team and that person works for more than 90 days.  You get $1000 ($2000 this quarter).
  2. You hear about a new product in the works, which will require a whole new team.  The client needs 4 devs, 1 PM, and 1 PO.  You give this to AIM and AIM wins the project, which goes for 6 months.  After 90 days, 3 devs and 1 PM have been working.  The client held off on the 4th dev and assigned a PO from internal resources.  You get $4000 ($8000 this quarter).

Note on Candidate Referrals: Please note that the business leads program is for net new business with client accounts and is separate from reward incentives for referring candidates from your network of peers who would make good AIM Consultants.

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