Guidance from experts.
Flexible service options.
What could be easier?

We are a technology consulting company. Tell us about your business objectives and we will provide the strategic direction, the right people, and the management of professionals that you need so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Not sure how to mature the quality of your IT infrastructure and service management? Want to build a flexible, enterprise-level application on the Java platform? Need strategic guidance on a mobile app utilizing the latest in User Experience design principles? With AIM Consulting, you have the opportunity to work directly with experienced Solution Directors who really understand how to measure and craft the framework for a technology project and will bring the right tools to the table.

Our objective is to solve problems. When we come to your organization, we identify the true root cause of your challenge, craft a solution that is uniquely right for you, and show you how to keep the competitive edge. And we do it in the most efficient way possible. The greatest satisfaction for us is to come back 2–3 years after our work and see that what we built for you is still strong.

Every situation is unique, so we emphasize flexibility in our service options. Just tell us about your challenge.

Here’s how we can help:

Strategic Consulting

Leadership advisory from experts for comprehensive technology solutions.

Project-based Solutions

Technology designed, developed, and delivered to the highest standard.

Managed Services

Teams provided in a flexible, scalable, and co-managed approach.

Individual Contributors

Ideal consultants matched to specific project needs.

Ready for
a solution?

We work together to bring success to your organization.


  1. Proven experience delivering solutions to a wide range of companies
  2. High-quality consultants from a rich network of top technology professionals
  3. Full-service, single-source provider for strategic insight and end-to-end delivery of solutions
  4. Flexibility to shift allocation of resources and address changing needs
  5. Relationship-focused with ongoing support for long-term strategies
  6. Better value than traditional consulting companies


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